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Features of a Good PrestaShop Template
PrestaShop is a world famous e-commerce solution that is helping businesses grow in the online world. The diverse features of this platform can be leveraged to build a stunning store to showcase your products to your audience.
What is a PrestaShop Template?

PrestaShop templates are the ready-made designs that you can customize according to your business goals. You would find thousands of templates online while searching for the best PrestaShop template. Which template is the best for your business? Is the template well-suited to your business? All such questions must be striking your mind while choosing the right template for your online store.
You can analyze the following set of features while looking for PrestaShop templates:


Good Administrative Interface

Having a good design is not all about the exquisite visibility of your online store on the customer end. The Backend must also look organized and well-maintained to optimize the administrative tasks. The interface for your administrative dashboard must be easy to manage and understand. You must be easily able to sort your products, add new products, make changes the existing ones, and edit store display. A structured admin interface with attractive design is a plus point for effective store management.

Engaging Design

The major part of the template that attracts the audience is the design. An elegant design with proper product display and checkout options gives the online store a boost in traffic. You can provide multiple views to your audience to keep them engaged in your store. Users must be easily able to navigate through your online store and make the purchases without any inconvenience. All such factors come with a good design.

Nothing can be more effective in bringing traffic other than SEO marketing. You must opt for the template that is designed and developed according to the SEO techniques. Your online store would get higher rankings on Google search engine. Higher rankings bring organic traffic and thus increase the conversion rate.


Advanced Functionalities

Customers are always attracted towards the online stores that offer good checkout and payment features. You must carefully assess the templates to look into the functionalities they offer. Customers must be able to make purchases easily and checkout instantly afterwards. Lack of features can cause inconvenience to the customers and thus result in lower sales.

Users are required to enter their information while making the purchase. Users are mostly concerned about the security of their payment and personal information they provide on these e-commerce platforms. A good PrestaShop template must have secured Backend to avoid any sort of unauthorized access or illegal act from happening. The payment method must be verified and ensure secure transactions.
Responsive Design

Not all the users use the same device. Your selected template must have a responsive design to ensure that users of all types of devices can view your online store without facing any layout issues.  Flexible designs that offer adjustable views of products always boost the customer engagement on the online store.