Importance of Policy and Brand Reputation While Buying Mattress

There are about 175 bed-in-a-box top mattress brands as of the publication of this article. That’s a lot of companies to go through, let alone put your sleep health in the hands of! Knowing possible red signs may provide you with a piece of mind while selecting the best mattresses.

Customer Support

The way a business treats its customers is so essential that federally regulated agencies, including the Federal Trade Commission, exist to safeguard consumers’ rights. Reading reviews may give you a decent sense of how a business handles customer service, but don’t accept them at face value. Brands will prominently display 5-star customer evaluations on their homepage, but you must be able to discover more negative ones just as readily. Some manufacturers provide a “filter” that allows you to arrange reviews by issue or sleep position. Remember that bad reviews aren’t necessarily about the mattress; they may also be about the convenience of returning the mattress, the warranty, or other business rules.

Obviously, you can’t test every bed-in-a-box brand—there isn’t enough time, and it’s an arduous effort (literally). Instead of testing every bed on the market, read reviews, return policies, Better Business Bureau evaluations (if they are current and accessible), and do some basic research on the company itself. If the business has been operating for a long, it will most likely have a large number of reviews. Conversely, when the brand is relatively new yet boasts thousands upon thousands of views, do a little more research. Best mattress companies have started to offer their goods on third-party sites like Amazon, where you can also read reviews. Better still, if you understand someone who has been sleeping on a box bed, ask them whether their sleep has enhanced (or worse) since they received it.

Trial Period

The sleeping trial period is usually at least 30 days long to allow for the break-in time required to feel comfortable with your mattress. The typical sleep trial lasts three times as long, giving you plenty of time to determine whether the mattress is right for you. Mattress businesses who provide these in lieu of sleep trials frequently have a return policy that requires the consumer to ship back the bed themselves, as opposed to companies that have come as well as pick up the mattress to you (or giveaway the bed). We suggest that you choose a company that offers a hassle-free, asset sleep trial of at least 90 days.

Social Accountability

While this may not be a priority for certain customers, it may assist you in determining the robustness of a company’s reputation. Memory foam-based bed-in-a-box products, in particular, are often evaluated and approved for safety issues. Remember that these kinds of certifications are needed for a business to sell a mattress. Therefore if they go out of their way to guarantee their foams seem to be safe and environmentally friendly, it may be a good indication. Because most memory foam is produced with petroleum, some manufacturers have started to use plant-based, ecologically friendly oils in its place. This technique reduces possibly hazardous emissions as well as the off-gassing odor that is typically associated with memory foam. The foam is more breathable than conventional memory foam due to the use of plant-based oils.